The Advisory Boards (AB)


The Advisory Boards give advice to the Governing Board and Management Board on specific issues as requested. Two independent bodies, the Scientific and Technological Board and the Stakeholder Advisory Group perform these tasks.

The Scientific and Technological Board (STB)
The STB is comprised of Academia and Industry experts conducting research, development and innovation in the fields of interest of this JPI. Members of the STB shall be visionary senior experts with recognised leadership in the specific relevant fields covered by the Water JPI. They shall come from public or private research and development institutions. The members of the STB, up to a maximum number of 10, shall serve in their individual capacity as independent of national or institutional affiliation. They shall be elected among the most pre-eminent scientists in the field. Their integrity shall be beyond doubt.  

Dermot DIAMOND Dublin City University
Agathe EUZEN CNRS - Laboratoire Techniques Territoires et Sociétés LATTS
Despo FATTA-KASSINOS (Chair) Nireas - International Water Research Center
Ing-Marie GREN Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Jaap KWADIJK Deltares / University Twente
Inmaculada ORTIZ Universidad de Cantabria
Jens Christian REFSGAARD Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
Seppo REKOLAINEN (Co-Chair) Finnish Environmental Institute
Karl-Ulrich RUDOLPH Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management University of Witten
Adrian STANICA National Institute of Marine Geology and GeoEcology


The Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG)

The SAG will represent the water industry, local/national policy makers, users, NGOs, etc. with one representative per institution. The members of the SAG, up to a maximum number of 10 and appointed by the Institution they are affiliated to, shall contribute to the board with the views of their respective institutions. They shall be elected among the most pre-eminent institutions and professionals in the field. Their independence and integrity shall be beyond doubt.

ACQUEAU the EUREKA Cluster for water
ARC Aqua Research Collaboration
CIS Common Implementation Strategy
EIFAAC-FAO European Inland Fishery And Aquaculture Advisory Commission
EIP Water European Innovation Partnership on Water
EUROPE INBO European Network of River Basins Organisations
EurAqua (Chair) European Network of Freshwater Research Organisations
EurEau European Federation of National Associations of Water and Wastewater Services
EWA European Water Association
WssTP (Co-Chair) Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform


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Water JPI key achievements 2011-2016

This publication presents the ten main goals achieved by the initiative till now.

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The WATER JPI is a relevant structure for Horizon 2020

Both the Water JPI and Horizon 2020 use public funds to achieve their goals, and enjoy a significant area of synergy in their respective research priorities. The JPI provides a channel for dialogue with the EC on future Horizon 2020 calls. Since its launch, the EC has been very supportive of the Water JPI and a non-voting member of its Governing Board.
Task Force on Interactions with Horizon 2020

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