Summary of the Position-Paper on H2020 SC 5 (April, 2015)
Position on Call for Ideas on Large-Scale Demonstration projects (February 24, 2015)
Position on H2020 SC 5 -2016-2017 Work Programme (February 23, 2015)
Water JPI key achievements 2011-2016

This publication presents the ten main goals achieved by the initiative till now.

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Open Data & Open Access
Water JPI Interface

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The WATER JPI is a relevant structure for Horizon 2020

Both the Water JPI and Horizon 2020 use public funds to achieve their goals, and enjoy a significant area of synergy in their respective research priorities. The JPI provides a channel for dialogue with the EC on future Horizon 2020 calls. Since its launch, the EC has been very supportive of the Water JPI and a non-voting member of its Governing Board.
Task Force on Interactions with Horizon 2020