Mobility & Infrastructures

In its Implementation Plan, the Water JPI has identified Mobility and Infrastructure, as other relevant instruments, in order to support WaterJPI community and its network. Mobility actions can involve capacity transfer of individual persons working or visiting a place which is not the one they belong to (foreign Institutes, other sectors); or even the exchange of larger groups, e.g. between research infrastructures. The EC already has instruments (e.g. ESFRI, Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions etc.), but the support for mobility of researchers and students could also be strengthened at national and regional levels. There is potential to align national tools through coordination between national and EU calls to facilitate researcher mobility. Dedicated R&I strategies encompassing mobility and infrastructures realization at regional level are needed. Infrastructure actions refer to facilities, resources and related services used by the RDI community in conditions of excellence. The instrument develops the joint creation, management, access and updating of infrastructures.

  • Mobility (..under costruction..):

This platform is dedicated to mobility actions, in line with the Water JPI SRIA implementation plan. The mobility platform aims to boost the cooperation of the researchers and in general water community actors within Europe and beyond as stated in the Water JPI SRIA. For the Mobility Platform click here

  • Infrastructures (..under costruction..):

This platform is dedicated to research infrastructures dissemination activities, with the aim to optimize transnational cooperation and competition, access to scientific knowledge, results and activities of research infrastructures. For the Infrastructures Platform click here


In order to best develop these M&I Platforms, Questionnaires have been prepared, aiming at collecting key actors opinions on priorities, activities and information to be addressed during the platforms implementation.

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  • the Mobility Questionnaire (doc, pdf)
  • the Infrastructures Questionnaire (doc, pdf)