Mobility & Infrastructures

The Water JPI Infrastructures Platform should be developed with the aim to support and facilitate the dissemination of information, to promote active collaboration among institutions and to provide access to world-leading research infrastructures that will enable excellent interdisciplinary research in water topic.

ESFRI defined Research Infrastructures (RI) as “infrastructures, resources and related services, used by scientific community to lead high standard research activities in each field, without restriction to national and institutional membership”.

The characteristics are:

  • Scientific quality: The RI allows research activities within national institutions and linking to international institutions.
  • Technologic quality:  The RI is a scientific services system with high quality technological standard
  • Quality of Management: The RI is managed and led as an international complex system
  • European added value: The RI could offer services to international users, supporting mobility actions and data access
  • High quality linked services: The RI could support industrial and private companies, offering technological and innovation knowledge.

Transnational free access and open access to results: the research results are free and open. The RI must have a policy of data storage and access, dissemination of results, which are relevant for innovation.


Please help us improving the Platform collecting you opinions on priorities, activities and information to be addressed filling the Online Questionnaire.